Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Of Halloween

A little update at the bottom:

Boo! This is the time of the year where creativity is at its best! From angelic to skanky to scary to being that one unfulfilled ambition to every (wo)man's fantasy. All this in one place - The Ascott on 30/31 October 2010. Gosh I sound like an advertisement -_-

HAHAHAH I love the Triton (merman) costume. All decked in a fishtail, trident, oh-so-wise white beard and even plasters to cover his nipples hahah ha!

Taliban looking all happy killing a soldier and giggling by himself in the corner - this is what the stuff in the cup does to people.

  Ooo err O_O

Fairy, Your Conscience, Wonder Woman, Mamasan, Pilot, Goth, Stewardess, Mamasan's concubine, Arabian and Audrey Hepburn.

Marvel at the Marvels. Errr ok bad pun :p

The Rubik's Cube must be a helluva complicated dude.

Some little drawings Jacqkie came up with on some of the stuff that happened that night:

Pictures do paint a thousand words, eh? Hohoho

Me as "Your Conscience - Angel vs. Devil"
Jacqkie as "Wonder Woman"
Linda as "Pilot"
Sara as "Fairy"
Yuen as "Goth"
Michelle as "Mamasan"
Rachel as "Arabian"
Fresh as "Audrey Hepburn"
Nick Davis as "Goth" (who turned out looking more like Adam Lambert)
Karen as "Stewardess"
Firdy as "Taliban"

...and heaps more.

All photos credited to Yuen and Sara|Chung Wei

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  1. oh i was at this party! but i knew no one thus left early. LOLS. loved how everyone was all dressed up though. definitely a rarity in kl.